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Big Al's Old Mountain House proudly announces the FIRST


 for the East End of Ventura!!!

The next time you come in to taste one of The Old Mountain Houses mouth watering Pizzas or delicious Italian dishes bring your Laptop or Wireless PDA so you can connect to Big Al's Wireless Internet Network.  You will be able to surf the web or check your e-mail at blazing speeds of over 1200 kbps!!!

NEW! Now you can connect to Big Al's Wireless Network even if you don't have a Wireless Network Adapter!  CLICK HERE to find out how.

(If  you don't have a wireless network adapter you can still connect to Big Al's Wireless Network.  CLICK HERE to find out how!)

Connecting to Big Al's Wireless Network is simple.  Just make sure your Laptops Wireless Adapter is compatible with Big Al's NEW!  802.11g Wireless 10/100 mbps LAN Network. Just configure your Laptops Wireless Adapter to Big Al's Network Settings. 

Wireless Mode:          Infastructure

SSID:                         bigal
(Server Side Identifier)               (must be all lower case)

CHANNEL:                      6

If you are not sure how to change your Wireless Adapter Settings CLICK HERE 
If you want to know more about Wireless Networks CLICK HERE 
If you still have problems or any questions you can write me, Big Al, at, and I will try to help you if I can.

Connecting To Big Al's Wireless Network
Without A Network Adapter
(Available 01/01/03)

If you don't have a wireless network adapter for your Laptop that's ok because Big Al has a Linksys USB Wireless Adapter that he will let you use. All you have to do is load the drivers (Driver CD with instructions is also provided)  for the adapter and plug the USB cable in to a USB Port on your laptop and POOF! your connected. This will take you about 5 to 10 minutes, but you will only have to do it once.  So the next time you stop by The Old Mountain House all you will have to do is plug in.

To speed things up you can download the Quick Install instructions (in PDF format) for your Laptops operating system below.

Click here to get your Windows 98, ME, 2000 Quick Install Instructions

Click here to get your Windows XP Quick Install Instructions

(Special Note: If you accidentally install the USB drivers for the wrong operating system you will need to uninstall those drivers before you can install for your correct operating system)


Just in case you are interested I have included some technical information on the Wireless Network that I installed at the Old Mountain House.

Pacific Bell (SBC) is our DSL Broadband Connection or ISP.  The DSL modem is a Windspeed, which is connected to a Linksys 4 Port Wireless Access Point Router (BEFW11S4). The Router is 2.4 ghz with a Data Rate of 54 Mbps and is 802.11g Wi-Fi compliant.  I tested the upload and download speeds of our connection using my 5 year old 233 mhz, 64 meg ram, Windows 98SE (operating system), laptop. My Wireless Network Card is a Linksys Wireless PC Card (WPC11 ver. 3).  I  tested our Linksys Instant Wireless USB Network Adapter - Version 2.6 (WUSB11) with the same computer. The speed was tested through DSL Reports site:

This is a great site for finding information about connection speeds from almost all ISP's anywhere in the U.S. 

The Test Results on 12/19/02 were:

Download:     1240 kbps  (kilobits/second)
Upload:           242 kbps

Check your own connection speed or check out The Old Mountain Houses connection speed when you are on the network.  Just log in to DSL Reports site, click on "Our Tools" link in the left column and then the "Speed Test" link.  Let me know what speeds you get.



A Wireless Network Adapter is a card that you can plug in to a Laptops PCMCIA slot that will allow it to connect to a Wireless Ethernet Network.  There are many different manufacturers of Wireless Adapters all ranging around $50. Each card will come with installation guide and a driver disk. Big Al has found that Linksys products (which he uses for all his networks hardware) have been  very user friendly, easy to install, and get connected.

Big Al's Internet Connection is secure from outside hacking.  He has tested his connection from several online security test sites.  His favorite is Gibson Research Corporations site where anyone can test the security of their connection to the Internet.  Try it out.  Just go to their site and click on the "Shields Up"  link.  Even though Big Al's connection is secure, you should still take precautions on your Laptop whenever you connect to a network because anybody else who is on the network when you are might be able to access your Laptop.  You don't really need to run any security program on Big Al's Network, might even mess your connection up, but you should consider turning off all file sharing on your computer if you have any sensitive data.

To setup or change a network connection in Windows XP, click on My Computer and then on "View System Information".  To give your computer a brand new ID for a network click on the "Network ID" to use the Network Identification Wizard.  If you already have an ID set up for a network and you want to access Big Al's Network, just change the "Computer Description" to "bigal" (all lower case, leave out the quotes)  Be sure to change it back to your Network ID before you go home. 

To setup a network connection in Windows 98 you will need to install Network Neighborhood from your Windows 98 installation disk.  After installation you can change the Workgroup or Network ID to any network you are trying to connect to.  Go to "Start", "Setting", "Control Panel".  Click on your "Network" icon, then on the "Identification" tab and you can change Computer information.  If you don't get connected this way , then click on the  little icon on your taskbar that shows whether your Wireless Adapter is connected to a network or not. ( usually looks like a small computer that will either have a red screen for not connected or a green screen for having a connection.  If you do not have this or a similar icon on your taskbar then you will need to reinstall you Network Adapter Card.) Click on the "Configuration" tab and change your Service Set Identifier (SSID) to "bigal". Be sure to change it back to your Network ID before you go home. 









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